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Super Tuscan Wines: Toscana IGT 2023

Indicazioni Geografica Tipica (IGT) came into being in 1992. The purpose was to provide a platform above the basic Vino da Tavola (VdT) for quality wines that did not comply with the regulations for DOC or DOCG.

This new IGT labelling was made to distinguish ‘Super Tuscans’ from lower quality wines and allowing winemakers to express their wines using different grapes and techniques from the strict rules governing DOC and DOCG designations.

Please understand an IGT label is not a perfect indication to spot and identify a ‘Super Tuscan’. Again, price is not an perfect indicator either, some IGT wines can be found at the lower end of the price scale. Whilst at the top end is not a guarantee of Super Tuscan status.

Confusing isn’t it?

My definition of a Super Tuscan is quality, individual wines, outstandingly rich, deep textures, dark fruit flavours, balanced wines, generous palates and broad long finishes.

These wines ooze elegance and expression and are built to show confidence and sophistication over a long cellar life.

Visually they convey deep red colours, either ruby red or deep purple red. Tannins are bold but rounded when young and fine and sweet given bottle age.

Most important they convey a sense of place, terroir if you will, generally they express an immediate strong character and personality.

Finally, the general menu of grapes mostly used are Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah.

I feel compelled to write a few lines about certain wineries from the list:

Vecchie Terre di Montefili

Once a winery of note, known for its quality. Then fate left it to decline. Until a small group of savvy investors purchased this small estate. But that was not the clever part, that solely belongs to the engagement of Serena Gusmeni, a winemaker of extraordinary talent, dedicated and hard working. She has created a minor miracle in less than 10 years.

Tenuta di Arceno

Arcanum is without doubt one of the greatest Cabernet Franc wines, not only in Italy but the World. Coming from Castelnuovo Berardenga the southernmost part of Chianti Classico. The grapes come from two parcels L’Apparita and Belvedere known for sandy soils and clay deposits.

Rocca di Montegrossi

I am constantly impressed the the standard of wines produced by Marco Ricasoli Firidolfi and his team. This did not just happen by luck, it takes total dedication and the will not to accept anything below the highest level on all engagements, year in and year out.

Take Ridolfo IGT and as an example, the estates latest offering; Cabernet Sauvignon and Pugnitello a 50/50 blend, on the face of it it should not have worked to the level of excellence obtained from the last three vintages, but it does. But that’s wine for you!


Enjoying a new lease of life under new ownership. I have tasted and enjoyed wines from this estate for a few decades. But the team of Alessandro Campatelli and Carlo Ferrini have raised the quality bar to its highest level ever in its history.


The estate keeps producing quality wines across a wide range. Fontalloro, Rancia, Colonia, Berardenga Riserva, Maestro Raro, I Sistri, Vin Santo, Spumante Brut , Spumante Brut Millesimato and Spumante Brut Rosè.

Castello di Meleto

Produces a broad spectrum of individual wines, with one common denominator… ART!

I will explain myself , by quoting the late great Robert Mondavi. “ Making good wine is a skill, making fine wine is an art.”

Tasting Notes

Red Wines

Badia a Coltibuono

Sangioveto IGT 2018

Pale garnet in colour. Aromatics of dark blue florals, spice and mint. Red cherries lie on a bed of alcohol, blackcurrant, pomegranate. Silky entry, opens quickly on mid palate, slight racy personality. Succulent. Showing clarity and precision. Lingers on the close.

Points 93 TW

Badia a Coltibuono

Montebello IGT 2018 Second review

Pale garnet in colour with pink undertones. Pink rose petal and pale blue floral aromatics. Red cherry, loganberry, cedar chips. Freshness that gives suppleness. Still youthful. Tons of energy. Creamy. Distant spice notes on the end. Has put on a touch more weight since last tasting (December 2022). Long finish.

Points 93+ TW


Inversus IGT 2019

Deep ruby red in colour. Aromas of blackberry, blueberry, tarmac, tobacco and white smoke. Ultra smooth on entry, showing high fruit quality. Further nuances of clove dried tomato and mild black pepper. Has drive and power, but not overdone. Linear. Bold and inviting.

Points 95 TW


Don VincEnzo IGT 2018


Medium ruby red in colour. Aromas of violet and rose petal florals. Dark cherry, blueberry, balsam and dark spice. Cool entry that broadens on mid palate assisted with air intake. Juicy. Savoury. Further nuances of tobacco, Mocha and leather. Compact tannins with finely etched minerality. Mellow acidity. Linear with slow progression to the finish.

Points 94 TW

Castello di Cacchiano

Fonte Merlano IGT 2020


Medium to dark ruby red in colour. Red rose petal and cherry stand firm on the aromatics. Bing cherry, rhubarb, plum and pomegranate, leather, distant sweet tobacco. Mid weight. Balanced and nearly integrated tannins and acidity. Delicate. Showing freshness and restrained energy.

Points 92 TW

Castello di Meleto

Camboi IGT 2020

Bright medium ruby red in colour. Aromatics of violets, Iris and wild rose. Dark cherry, strawberry, loganberry, wet slate and a puff of gunpowder smoke. Also showing liquorice and cinnamon on the close.Vertical on mid palate then tapers to a lingering finish.

Points 93+ TW

Castello di Meleto

Parabuio IGT 2019


Aromatics of blackcurrant, violet florals and liquorice.Black berry and black fruits lead all things connected to this wine. Secondary nuances include Mediterranean scrub, black tea, crushed stone and cedar shavings.Showing great structure. A black hole of textural depth. Ample and generous. Compact and intense.Articulated broad long finish. One of the great Merlot’s of Italy.

Points 97 TW

Castello di Querceto

Il Querciolaia IGT 2019

Sangiovese 65% Cabernet Sauvignon 35%

Medium purple in colour. Pale rose petal and blue florals. Dark cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, balsamic notes, sweet tobacco and liquorice root. Lightly textured yet fully compact. Citrusy character. Shows a touch of warmth on the close.

Points 89 TW

Castello di Querceto

Cignale IGT 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon 90% Merlot 10%

Medium purple in colour with pink highlights. Complex aromatics of pink rose florals, myrtle, candid orange peel. Blackcurrant, blueberry, dark plum, floral underbrush, distant liquorice and grilled herbs. Cool entry, tip toes across the palate. Finely etched minerality. Savoury. Delicate medium length on finish.

Points 91-93 TW

Castello di Querceto

Il Sole di Alessandro IGT 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

Medium ruby red in colour. Aromas of violet, rosemary, wild cherry and strawberry with green top. Plum, mulberry, boysenberry and mellow menthol infused dried Mediterranean herbs, leather, cigar leaf. Understated in texture , could benefit from a little more weight to carry it to the finish. Slightly vertical yet very subtle. Medium length on close.

Points 90 TW

Castello La Leccia

Vivaio del Cavaliere IGT 2021

Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera, Syrah and Ciliegiolo.

Medium ruby red in colour. Red rose petal florals and prune. Red cherry, dewberry, dried Mediterranean herbs. Fresh acidity carries the mellow tannins. Could benefit from a little more weight to carry it through. Short on the close.

Points 88 TW

Castelli del Grevepesa

Clemente V11

Settimo IGT 2019

Pale ruby red in colour with pink undertones. Heady aromatics of dark red rose petal and baked plum. Red cherry, tobacco, liquorice, sage, slate, tree bark and white smoke. Bright and translucent. Juicy. Compact and persistent to the close.

Points 91 TW


Fontalloro IGT 2020


Medium ruby red in colour with garnet highlights. Dazzling display of aromatics covering dark blue florals, spice, mint, cedar shavings and orange zest.Red cherry, plum and rhubarb. Intense display of Sangiovese. On the back end a complex layer of minerals. Articulated close.

Points 95 TW


Tenuta di Nozzole

Il Pareto IGT 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon

Showing its class from the start. A seductive bouquet of rich dark florals and warm black fruits. Blackberry, blackcurrant, dark plum and black cherry. Pipe tobacco, liquorice, worn leather, graphite and white smoke. Savoury and earthy. Layered minerality. Distant nuances of cedar wood and vanilla. Shows opulence in abundance.

Points 94 TW


Tenute del Cabreo

Cabreo Il Borgo IGT 2020

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Medium purple red in colour. A rich compote of mainly black fruits, tobacco, vanilla infused herbs and dark chocolate.Secondary nuances of cherry and distant cinnamon. Vibrant. Structured. Has buckets of pedigree. Articulated close.

Points 93+ TW

Isole e Olena

Cepparello IGT 2020

Sangiovese 100%

Aromatics of blue florals, cedar bark and wild cherry.Blackberry, eastern spice, sweet tobacco, dark plum, whiff of roasted coffee beans. Savoury and earthy. Warm inviting entry, showing drive and depth. Tight and polished. Long, focused and youthful. Crunchy and blended tannins. Needs time. Persistent finish with intensity.

Points 96 TW

La Massa

IGT 2020

Sangiovese, Sangiovese, Merlot and Alicante.

Medium ruby red in colour. Aromatics of spice, violet flower petal and floral underbrush.

Blueberry, blackberry and mild toasted tobacco. Tight on mid palate. Showing youthful acidic warmth on the close that does not interfere with the overall performance.

Points 91 TW

La Montanina

Piallungo IGT 2022

Ciliegliolo 100%

Pale ruby red in colour. Pink rose petal and violet floral aromas. Wild forest berries, rhubarb, blueberry and Mocha. Entry showing tension and youthful nuances. Secondary notes sour cherry, rapier acidity, carries very little weight at present, Fine tannins. Broad close.

Points 89 TW

La Montanina

Nebbiano IGT 2020


Pale ruby red in colour. Red cherry, raspberry, orange peel, distant balsamic notes. Red rose petal florals awaken prior to mid palate. Lightly textured. Could benefit from more weight to carry the forward progress. Medium to short finish.

Points 89 - 90 TW


Bonorli IGT 2021


Medium purple in colour. Aromas of soy, dark blue florals and incense. Blackberry , dark cherry, flint and sweet spice.Warm entry, caressing tannins, citrusy character. Agile. Fresh minerality of crushed stone and acidity coming off mid palate. Leaves a polished an fruity statement that loiters on the close.

Points 93 TW


Alta Valle Greve IGT 2017

Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon

Medium ruby red in colour. Dark blue florals of violet, Iris and lavender.Dried red cherry, candid liquorice, Mediterranean scrub, orange peel, sour bitter citrus notes follow mid palate. Cool entry. Citrusy character. A little disjointed. Distant cherry, Kirsch and oaky vanilla nuances on the finish.

Points 89 TW


San Piero IGT 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon

Medium ruby red in colour. Rose petal aromas and gardenia florals. Black cherry, blueberry, liquorice, cedar, blood orange and salty caramel. Cool entry. Lightly textured. Broadens with air across the mid palate. Agile and juicy with good length. Silky tannins and zesty acidity. Needs bottle time to relax, come together and hopefully add a little weight.

Points 92-94 TW


AD Astra 2020 * Maremma DOC, not Chianti Classico IGT. But nevertheless a terrific wine.

Sangiovese 45% Cabernet Sauvignon 25% Cabernet Franc25% Merlot 5%

Medium ruby red in colour. Aromas of violet, Iris florals with blackcurrant. white cherry, plum, blackberry, liquorice and mint infused cigar box. Cedar notes on linear finish. Warm soft entry, expands on the mid palate showing agility. Juicy. Compact tannins and energy releasing acidity. Fresh mouthfeel on the close.

Points 93 TW


Nectar Dei 2020 * Maremma DOC, not Chianti Classico IGT.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot +?

Dark ruby red in colour. Showing class from the start.Aromatics of dark blue florals and black coloured berry fruits, dusting of baking spice, plum, liquorice, bitter chocolate, worn leather, Mocha and blonde tobacco. Rich and compact. Grippy youthful tannins with acidic depth. Slight bitter notes on the end does not detract, and will more than likely disappear in time.

Points 94 TW

Pensieri di Cavatina

Emma IGT 2021

Dark ruby red in colour. Lifted florals of red rose petal, balsam and graphite. Dark cherry, blackcurrant, Mediterranean scrub, black olive and distant cedar notes.Cool entry, light in texture, rounded edges, vertical, humus nuances, fruit and minerality follow on from mid palate. Engaging.

Points 92 TW

Podere Ciona

Le Diacce IGT 2016

Merlot and Alicante Bouschet.

Medium ruby red in colour. Delicate aromas of rose petal and pale blue florals. Blackberry, blueberry, cedar chips, liquorice, plum and distant vanilla.Warm silky entry coats the palate in ripe black quality fruit.Agile.Complex minerality. Stays forever on the finish. Nicely done.

Points 92 TW

Podere Ciona

Semifonte IGT 2019


Medium ruby red in colour with purple rim.Red berry fruits, Mediterranean scrub, distant balsamic notes, liquorice and orange peel. Cool entry. Expressive with air intake. Medium in texture. Resonates on the palate with a vertical edge. Long finish.

Points 91 TW

Podere Casaccia

Casaccia IGT 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese.

Deep Purple in colour. Needs plenty of aeration. Aromatics of crushed violet petal flowers, cassis, clove and cinnamon.Soft rounded entry, expands slowly across the palate. Secondary nuances of liquorice and mint.Very rich with good textural width and depth. Intense with an articulated finish. Well put together.

Points 92 TW

Podere Casaccia

Querciagrande IGT 2019

Medium purple in colour with pink highlights. Aromas of ripe black berry fruits, spice, balsam and underbrush, dark cherry, blackcurrant, orange peel, chocolate and roasted coffee bean. Rich entry, juicy, slightly exotic. Distinctive racy personality. Creamy with broad fruity finish.

Points 91 TW

Podere Poggio Scalette

Il Carbonaione IGT 2020


Deep ruby red in colour. Aromas of red cherry, violet and gardenia florals, lead pencil and new leather.Delicate entry showing textural depth and soft contours. Coming off mid palate blackberry, tobacco and damp earth. Closes with a minty cherry freshness that is ultra appealing.

Points 95 TW


Camartina IGT 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon 70% Sangiovese 30%

Beneath a fragrant canopy lies dark fruits, alongside leather, Mocha, spiced orange peel and blonde tobacco. Entry shows a silky, medium weighted, lightly textured wine with ultra fine tannins. Broad and linear. Still in its hobbledehoy stage. The Cabernet Sauvignon has so much to give over time. Even in youth showing harmony and balance.

Striking character. Further nuances of blue florals, mint and dried red cherry. Persistent from the opening statement. Impressive.

Points 94 - 96 TW

Querceto di Castellina

Podalirio IGT 2020

Deep ruby red in colour. Aromas of black olives, new leather, lead pencil and humus.Red cherry, dewberry, blood orange and eucalyptus. Silky warm entry expands in all directions on the palate. Tannic bite does not interfere with harmony of this savoury imbibe.Boisterous and expressive. Very serious in its character.

Points 93+ TW

Ricasoli 1141

Casalferro IGT 2019


Bright ruby red in colour. Blue florals, broom, and black fruit lead the aromatics.Blackberry, blueberry, dewberry and floral underbrush. Crunchy but compact tannins, fresh acidity. Balanced. Soft textures. Agile and juicy. Medium bodied.

Points 92 - 94TW


La Gioia IGT 2019


Medium to deep ruby red in colour. Aromatics of dark rose petal, black cherry, loganberry, liquorice and distant notes of humus, white truffle. Tannins almost dissolved into the wine. Acidity still playing an active roll. Very elegant body. Has put on a little weight since I tasted this last.

Points 95 TW


Tresette IGT 2018


Intense deep ruby red in colour. Black cherry, damson, dark plum and floral underbrush. Well extracted. Agile with great length. Integrated tannin and acidity. Breadth of flavours on the back end. Lingers on the close.

Points 93+ TW


Riecine di Riecine IGT 2020


Ruby red with purple highlights. Wild cherry, dewberry and dark baking spice. Graceful and agile. Silky tannins encircle fresh fruit. Juicy. Rounded texture. Showing class from the start. Still youthful, needs time. Balance beginning to show itself.

Points 96+ TW

Rocca Delle Macie

Famiglia Zingarelli

Roccato IGT 2020

Cabernet Sauvignon

Medium purple in colour. Aromatics of rose petal, violet florals and lavender undertone. Blackberry, plum, liquorice, tarmac, dried Mediterranean herbs and tea tree. Rich and creamy entry, touch of white pepper. Fruit flavours in bold print. Well put together.

Points 92+ TW

Rocca di Castagnoli

BoscoRicco IGT 2021

Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot

Deep purple in colour. At first reductive notes, needing some air to blow off. Pale rose petal and violet florals.Wild cherry, dewberry, pomegranate, blueberry, graphite, sage and distant clove. Rounded juicy entry. Savoury with nuances of powdered earth. Slight dry notes on the close.

Points 88 TW

Rocca di Castagnoli

La Pratola IGT 2020

Colorino 100%

Bright ruby red in colour with purple highlights. Aromas of dense ripe bing cherry with violet floral accents. Dark cherry, plum, new leather, Eastern spice, roast meat and mild humus. Ultra fine tannins. Mellow acidity. Soft contours. Balanced. Well put together.

Points 92 TW

Rocca di Castagnoli

Buriano IGT 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

Blue and white floral aromatics vie with blackcurrant, lavender, saddle leather and floral underbrush, spice notes tend to fade. Black cherry, cedar shaving, slate and distant sweet tobacco all play a part in this velvety imbibe. Attractive wine.

Points 94 TW

Rocca di Montegrossi

Ridolfo IGT 2017

Cabernet Sauvignon and Pugnitello 50/50%

Deep ruby red in colour. Blackberry, blackcurrant, damson, black Jamun berries, Anise hyssop, dark spice. A wine of impact. Great symmetry. A high wire act of balance. Precise with compact tannins and vivid acidity. Delivers beautifully. Needs time to expel youthful tension.

Points 97+ TW


Alauda IGT 2019

Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Colorino.

Bright ruby red in colour with purple undertones. Aromas of ripe black berry fruit, Mediterranean scrub, broom and vanilla shavings. Rich and harmonious on entry. Secondary nuances of bitter chocolate, Eastern spice and distant balsam. Fine crunchy tannins vie with fresh acidity lifting the palate to a broad long finish.

Points 93 TW


Modus Primo IGT 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese.

Intense ruby red in colour. Aromas of dark blue florals and ripe blackberry fruits, tobacco, vanilla, juniper and mulberry. Superb transparency. Relaxed. Finish is persistent with notes of spicy chocolate.

Points 92 TW

San Fabiano Calcinaia

Cenviolo IGT 2019

Medium to dark ruby red in colour. Dark blue florals and sweet scented black fruits welcome you to the aromatics.Blackberry, blackcurrant, bosenberry, baked dark plum. Cool entry. Sour bitter notes leave a tart sensation on mid palate. Secondary nuances of roast meat and acidic heat that simmers deep.

Points 86 TW

Tenuta Casenuove IGT 2020

Sangiovese and Merlot.

Deep ruby red in colour with purple undertones. Distinctive aromatics of red rose, red and black berry fruits and complex minerality. Soft and warm entry. Fruit quality outstanding. Showing slight bitter citrus character which lifts the freshness and drive. It’s the vivid acidity that I find in many 2020’s from Chianti Classico that makes these wines so sumptuous.

Points 92+ TW

Tenuta di Arceno

Valadorna IGT 2018

Merlot 74% Cabernet Sauvignon 13% Cabernet Franc 13%

Refined floral notes vie with red and blackberry fruits, dark cherry and almond. Warm entry showing textural depth. Rounded crunchy tannins and vivid acidity. Distant secondary nuances of aromatic tree bark and menthol notes. Persistent. Articulated finish.

Points 93 TW

Tenuta di Arceno

Il Fauno di Arcanum IGT 2021

Merlot 35% Cabernet Franc 35% Cabernet Sauvignon 30%

Deep ruby red in colour with purple and black undertones. Aromatics are a joy to experience: violet, rose petal, lavender, cherry, pomegranate and mild spice laced with balsamic notes. Warm entry, elegant body. Has youthful tension and yet it is supple. Finely grained tannins and super fresh acidity dance round quality fruit, at the core of this velvety textured wine. Has precision and purpose. Great wine.

Points 95 TW

Tenuta di Arceno

Arcanum IGT 2018

Cabernet Franc

Deep ruby red in colour. Lifted aromatics of black cherry, blueberry, rose petal, blackcurrant, mint and black tea. Warm entry. Rich and powerful but refined. Secondary notes of liquorice and a puff of gunpowder smoke. Mid palate focused, robust and vibrant. Hovers on the close. Outstanding, a great Cabernet Franc.

Points 98 TW

Tenuta di Lilliano

Anagallis IGT 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon 50% Merlot 40% Petit Verdot 10%

Bright ruby red in colour. Unusual aromas bring together cranberry, floral underbrush, roast meat, black plum, Mediterranean scrub and cherry. Crunchy but compact tannins vie with zingy acidity. Individually does not come over well, BUT collectively really works.

Points 92 TW

Tenuta San Vincenti

Stignano IGT 2019

Merlot 60% Sangiovese 35% and Cabernet Sauvignon 5%

Medium ruby red in colour with brick red undertone. Aromas of sweet dark red cherry, plum, violet florals and vanilla. Graceful entry. Touch exotic.Beautifully balanced. Agile and juicy with a long finish.

Points 92 TW


Miglionè IGT 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc and Merlot

Bright, medium ruby red in colour. Aromatics of violet, lilac and gardenia. Black berry fruits vie with eastern spice, dried leaf cigar tobacco, plum and Marcona almond. Tight and polished. Close knit tannins and fresh acidity. Long and flavourful.

Points 93 TW


Vallepicciola IGT 2020


Intense ruby red in colour. Spectacular aromas of exotic spice, wild red and black berry fruits, oriental tree bark, star anise and menthol infused tobacco. Showing textural depth. Tannins have almost dissolved into the wine. Energy comes from vibrating acidity. Balanced and linear on the finish.

Points 94 TW

Vecchie Terre di Montefili

Bruno di Rocca IGT 2019

Cabernet Sauvignon.

Deep ruby red in colour with dark undertones. Red and dark blue florals vie with menthol infused floral underbrush. Blackcurrant, damson, dried plum, distant essence of vanilla and star anise. Saturates the palate with stunning depth and volume. Compact. Boisterous and super expressive. New label, but classic Cabernet Sauvignon terroir from Greve. Showstopper.

Points 96 TW

Vecchie Terre di Montefili

Vigna Nel Bosco IGT 2019


Medium ruby red in colour. Aromatics of violet, Iris and lavender. Black cherry, loganberry, pomegranate, black tea, distant nuances of clove, cinnamon and orange peel. Cool entry, elegant beguiling display of Sangiovese. Rounded tannins almost disappearing into the wine. Tense and fresh acidity keeps the energy palpitating. Just quality fruit showing on the back end. Wow!

Points 95+ TW

Vecchie Terre di Montefili

Vigna Vecchia IGT 2019


Pale to medium ruby red in colour. Rich floral canopy underpinned with red cherry lying in alcohol, blood orange, mint and slate, distant white smoke.Savoury and earthy yet showing an ethereal quality on entry.Red berries and liquorice soar vertically from mid palate. Complex spice nuances interplay with layered minerality. Graceful and subtle. Flirtatious with mellow finish. Outstanding.

Points 96+ TW

Vecchie Terre di Montefili

Anfiteatro IGT 2019

Medium ruby red in colour with garnet undertones.Dark blue florals, mint, blackberry and salinity all play a part on the aromatics.Needs plenty of aeration, then opens up like a lotus flower.Blackcurrant, Bing cherry, pomegranate, kumquat, eucalyptus and pine needles. Entry shows a delicate palate, very lightly textured. Subtle. Finely grained tannins that harmonise with vivid acidity. Tapers slightly to a medium close

Points 94 TW


Cabernet Franc IGT 2019

Medium purple in colour. Violet florals vie with black berry fruits on the nose. Dark cherry, liquorice root, cassis, menthol infused herb notes, distant spice. Warm rich entry, agile, deep textural resonance. Savoury and earthy. Saline nuances on the broad close.

Points 93 TW

White Wines

Castello di Monsanto

Fabrizio Bianchi

Chardonnay Collezione IGT 2022

Bright, medium straw yellow in colour. Aromas of broom, hawthorn and chamomile florals. White peach, apricot, citrus fruits and green apple. Oaky vanilla notes. Complex layered minerals showing crushed stone, iron and sea bed crustacean. Pleasant progression with fine tannins and lifted acidity. Linear. Balanced with good length.

Points 92 TW


Tenuta del Cabreo

La Pietra IGT 2020


Pale gold in colour. Aromas of yellow florals, lime leaves and coriander. Pear and peach. Layered minerality. Creamy textures.Tight and polished. Crunchy and blended tannins. Linear intensity.

Points 92 TW


Ben 2022 * Maremma Toscana DOC Not Chianti Classico IGT

Vermentino 100%

Medium yellow in colour with highlights of deep gold. Aromas of daffodils and yellow tulips with warm ripe peach.Tropical fruit such as golden kiwi, jackfruit and mangosteen vie with an underlying citrus bed. Medium bodied. Lingers on the close.

Points 90 TW

Pensieri di Cavatina IGT 2022

Malvasia and Trebbiano ORANGE WINE.

Medium amber with bright undertones. Aromas of orange peel, begonia florals, apricot, dried jackfruit, distant nut shell and dried Mediterranean herbs. Rich, layered and complex. Medium to full bodied. Pleasing.

Points 90-92 TW

Ricasoli 1141

Castello di Brolio

San Barnaba IGT 2020


Medium straw yellow in colour with shards of bright gold. Spring florals. Orchard fruit, acacia honey, vanilla and hazelnut. Engaging mixture of spiced Mediterranean herbs, yellow peach and orange peel. Rich, juicy, agile on the close. Not to be rushed, I would leave this for 2/3 years… if you can!

Points 92 + TW

Ricasoli 1141

Torricella 2021

Chardonnay 75% Sauvignon Blanc 25%

Bright straw yellow in colour. A wine of two contrasting sides. Orchard fruits vie with tropical fruits. Vanilla and honey vie with citrus nuances. Rich and velvety with mineral infused savoury notes. A smorgasbord of opposing influences alongside crushed stone, lychee, almond and mellow spice. Totally intriguing.

Points 91 TW


Bianco di Riecine IGT 2021


This is the second vintage of this wine. But I recall a white wine from this estate in previous decades.

Bright, medium straw yellow in colour with greenish highlights. Aromatics of gardenia florals, green tea and orange peel. Green apple, crushed stone and citrus nuances.Saline infused energy. Carries good weight. Medium bodied.Savoury. Agile and juicy. Unique in its delivery.

Points 92 + TW

Rocca di Castagnoli

Molino delle Balze IGT 2021


Intense straw yellow in colour. Aromatics of yellow spring florals and broom. Yellow peach, Armenian apricot, distant mild spice notes. Medium textural depth. Compact. Agile. Broad shoulders. Rich and clean fresh finish.

Points 92 TW

Rosé Wines


Palmina IGT 2022


Pale salmon pink in colour. Aromas of wild rose, carnation and pink peonies. White raspberry, guava, cranberry and blood orange. Soft, rounded entry. Medium bodied with fresh, crisp texture. Long mellow finish.

Points 92 TW

Tenuta di Capraia

Capraia Rosato IGT 2022


Deep pink in colour with bright copper highlights. Floral notes of hawthorn and wisteria. Wild cherry, pomegranate and wild strawberry. Cool entry. Saline savouriness. Balanced and juicy. Medium length on the close. Well put together.

Points 90 TW


I wish to convey my thanks to the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico for their trust, and the wine makers who have kindly sent their IGT wines to my office in Umbria to be appraised.

The Chianti Classico: Annata, Riserva and Gran Selezione Review and Tasting Notes will be published in January 2024.

© Tony Wood Italian Wine 2023

Attached below is the list of grapes allowed in the making of Toscana IGT Wines:

N = Nero (Black Grapes) B = Bianco (White Grapes)

1. Abrusco N.

2. Albana B.

3. Albarola B.

4. Aleatico N.

5. Alicante Bouschet N.

6. Alicante N.

7. Ancellotta N.

8. Ansonica B.

9. Barbera N.

10. Barsaglina N.

11. Biancone B.

12. Bonamico N.

13. Bracciola Nera N.

14. Cabernet Franc N.

15. Cabernet Sauvignon N.

16. Calabrese N.

17. Caloria N.

18. Canaiolo Bianco B.

19. Canaiolo Nero N.

20. Canina Nera N.

21. Carignano N.

22. Carmenere N.

23. Cesanese D’Affile N.

24. Chardonnay B.

25. Ciliegiolo N.

26. Clairette B.

27. Colombana Nera

28. Colorino N.

29. Durella B.

30. Fiano B.

31. Foglia Tonda N.

32. Gamay N.

33. Grechetto B.

34. Greco B.

35. Groppello di Santo Stefano N.

36. Groppello Gentile N.

37. Incrocio Bruni

38. Lambrusco Maestri N.

39. Livornese Bianca B.

40. Malbech N.

41. Malvasia Bianca di Candia B.

42. Malvasia Bianca lunga B.

43. Malvasia Istriana B.

44. Malvasia N.

45. Malvasia Nera di Brindisi

46. Malvasia Nera di Lecce

47. Mammolo N.

48. Manzoni Bianco B.

49. Marsanne B.

50. Mazzese N.

51. Merlot N.

52. Mondeuse N.

53. Montepulciano N.

54. Moscato Bianco B.

55. Muller Thurgau B.

56. Orpicchio B.

57. Petit manseng B.

58. Petit verdot N.

59. Pinot Bianco B.

60. Pinot Grigio G.

61. Pinot Nero N.

62. Pollera Nera N.

63. Prugnolo Gentile N.

64. Pugnitello N.

65. Rebo N.

66. Refosco dal Peduncolo rosso N.

67. Riesling Italico B.

68. Riesling Renano B.

69. Roussane B.

70. Sagrantino N.

71. Sanforte N.

72. Sangiovese N.

73. Sauvignon B.

74. Schiava Gentile N.

75. Semillon B.

76. Syrah N.

77. Tempranillo N.

78. Teroldego N.

79. Traminer Aromatico

80. Trebbiano Toscano B.

81. Verdea B.

82. Verdello B.

83. Verdicchio Bianco B.

84. Vermentino B.

85. Vermentino Nero N.

86. Vernaccia di San Gimignano B.

87. Viogner B.

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