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Biondi Santi: Historic winery under new ownership

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

A ‘changing of the guard’ has occurred at Biondi Santi: no longer the 7th generation of that revered wine family rule over the vineyards in Montalcino…

The desk, hat and coat of that glorious past all but remains as worn by the formidable Franco Biondi Santi, who with a combination of genius, intelligence, curiosity and perseverance had promoted his estate to a level of global recognition (Franco Biondi Santi, January 1922 - April 2013 RIP).

The Biondi Santi estate changed hands in December 2016 when it was purchased by the French group EPI, the independent company led by Christopher Descours. This group also own Piper-Heidsieck, Charles Heidsieck and Rare Champagne. Their other interests include partnerships with distribution and production companies such as Folio Fine Wine Partners, originally set up by the Mondavi family in the USA.