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Orra Wine Review 2021

I have the upmost respect for all wineries. Each year, many wineries take the trouble to send their produce for my review and I thank them for their generosity and their trust.

These wines although interesting, do not fall into any major category, some tend to get put aside until I have time to appraise them and I have decided to place these into a new annual category called Orra Wine Review:

Palazzo Lodron

The Counts of Lodron settled in the Lagarina Valley at the end of the 15th Century. An area used to define the lower mountain course of the Adige river, mainly included in the Trentino province, the lowest section being part of the Verona province. The largest nearby town is Rovereto.

Today the descendants of the Counts of Lodron are the Volpini de Maestri family. They opened their magnificent palace for public events in the 1990’s.

The winery was founded in 2016.