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Benvenuto Brunello 2023

There seems to be no stopping the rise of Brunello di Montalcino.

The numbers speak volumes as to the popularity of this denomination. In value terms BdM grew over 20% during 2022, sales increased by 6%. In fact, I cannot think of another wine area of a similar size anywhere in Italy that can compare with the phenomenal commercial success of Montalcino in Tuscany.

Just over 3,500 hectares of BdM vineyards covering 2100 hectares, plus 500 hectares devoted to Rosso di Montalcino producing on average a total of 9.5 million bottles annually, which return 250 million Euro in revenue. During the first 9 months of 2022, 7 million bottles were sold.

The latest release of this spectacular denomination is BdM 2018, which include Riserva 2017 and Rosso 2021.

Firstly, the weather pattern in 2018 was completely different from 2017.

In 2017 drought and way above average temperatures occurred. In 2018, practically the opposite took place: mid March light snow fall with temperatures of minus 10 C and a high of 15C. Bud break in April. Flowering started the final days of May, mainly due to high humidity collected in the soil. From May to the beginning of July, low temperatures, high humidity and practically non stop rain. Veraison (change of colour of grape berries) had a slow beginning around the second half of July. The work in the vineyards to refrain the possible onslaught of any number of woes must have been a constant concern.

At this stage the vintage was reminiscent of 2014 (the second worst vintage this millennium, the other being 2002). But then Mother Nature took pity on the vines and nearly all of July and August saw great weather patterns almost to the end of September. The single most important factor was the nightly temperatures drastically lower than the daily ones.

The net result was mid to high weight berries. The rains returned at the end of September and winemakers had to decide wether to harvest or wait it out: harvest early, and they could have not fully ripe fruit; harvest late and they risked the chance of over ripe fruit!

Armed with the knowledge of the weather conditions throughout 2018, it isn’t surprising BdM 2018 is a mixed bag. I have never heard so many conflicting opinions from fellow wine reviewers as well as the winemakers.

The main difference as far as the winemakers were concerned was what to call the growing season: some opted for calling it a “hot vintage,” whilst others stated “cool,” some couldn’t actually call it at all. It’s fair to say an universal agreement on the word ‘classic’ was to everyone’s acceptance.

A ‘classic’ season refers to the vintages of the past, pre 2000, when the weather patterns varied but not the dry, excessive heat of long summers now taken for granted. I recall 1995 and 1996 being good examples of similar vintages.

One highly regarded winemaker, namely Vincenzo Abbruzzese of Valdicava did not make any wine at all in 2018, due to a major hail storm that devastated most of his harvest.

It is easy to dismiss a vintage for not being ‘up to scratch’ and yet these vintages have a habit of reinventing themselves in the bottle after a period of aging. Previously mentioned vintages of 1995/6 are drinking very well, whilst the highly praised 1997 started to fade early.

Recent vintages of 2008 and 2013: not built to last, are doing really well in bottle and gaining respect as the years unfold.

Overall I found great aromatic profile. Fruity, spicy characteristics. Some lacking body, zesty acidity, and most not built for long cellar life. The vintage comes across as fresh and ready to go, soft and rounded fresh tannins, lightly textured.

In conclusion: for wine drinkers on balance 2018 is for you; for wine investors, the good news is that 2019, 2020 and possibly 2021 will be rewarding in the extreme.

Finally, I feel compelled to mention some wineries that have excelled in this generally regarded as a difficult vintage:

Alessandro Mori’s Il Marroneto winery continues to produce extraordinary wines of appeal and quality: his latest Brunello and ‘Baby Brunello’ have a lighter style showing a delicate finesse.

Canalicchio di Sopra’s winemaker Francesco Ripaccioli’s attention to detail and the special small parcels within his vineyards holdings, has led to the birth of two outstanding single crus. He and his team have produced two back to back vintages (2017/18) of outstanding quality, not forgetting these vintages were far from ideal in weather terms.

San Polino is consistently putting out great wines of precision and clarity.

Le Chiuse produce top terror led wines year on year.

Livio Sasseti knocked the ball out of the park.

Castello Banfi did a great job in 2018 and produced good wines by the million.

Salvioni are so consistent with their amazing wines.

Argiano continues an upward trajectory.

Andrea Cortonesi’s wines are just getting better and better: Uccelliera and Voliero.


My review and tasting notes 2023 of the Brunello di Montalcino latest releases could not have been published without the huge support offered by the Consorzio Del Vino Brunello di Montalcino and all the individual wineries in Montalcino who kindly arranged delivery of their wines to my office in Umbria. I wish to offer my profound gratitude to you all.

Tasting Notes

Abbadia Ardenga BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Rose petal and violet florals. Red cherry, plum, pomegranate, mint, balsamic notes. Rich. Deep. Juicy. Slight sour notes on back end.

Points 89 TW

Abbadia Ardenga Vigna Piaggia BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Red rose petal aromas. Red cherry, plum, damson, blackcurrant, spiced orange peel. Midweight. Linear. Vivid. Long and flavourful.

Points 91 TW

Agostina Pieri BdM 2018

Pale garnet red in colour. Red cherry, blackberry, liquorice, balsamic notes, orange peel. Medium bodied. Juicy. Lightly textured. Balanced. Intense. Linear. Approachable. Long close.

Points 92 TW

Argiano BdM 2018

Bright pale ruby red in colour. Pale pink rose petal and gardenia aromatics. Red cherry, raspberry, wild strawberry, liquorice and Sicilian blood orange. Showing poise and class from the start, yet is edgy, youthful and primary. House style is very appealing. Balanced and stellar.

Points 93+ TW

Argiano Vigna del Suolo BdM 2018

Ruby red in colour. Aromas of blue florals vie with a heady mixture of warm blackberry, blackcurrant and dark baked plum. Secondary nuances of dark exotic spice and balsam. The entire structure stands steadfast and proud. Finely textured tannins and pin point acidity cover this structure, textural depth abounds. The finish is historic. What a wine!

Points 96 TW

Beatesca BdM 2018

Pale purple in colour. Intense bouquet of wild red and black berries, violet florals and dark sweet spice. Secondary nuances of liquorice and balsam. Cool entry. Savoury and earthy. Caressing tannins. Articulated close.

Points 92 TW

Bellaria BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. Rose petal and violet florals. Blackberry, blueberry, mint, chocolate, liquorice and baked plum. Cool entry. Lightly textured. Juicy. Plush tannins. Slight balsamic nuances on the close. Interesting.

Points 92 TW

Bellaria Assunto BdM 2018

Deep ruby red in colour. Bouquet of old English red rose petal, bitter chocolate, balsam and clove. Wild red and black berries, mint, worn leather and orange peel. Good energy. Balanced. Mocha nuance on the close. Good showing.

Points 93 TW

Canalicchio di Sopra BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. White cherry, wild strawberry, goji berries, dry floral underbrush, a dusting of exotic spice, salty liquorice and a hint of cedar balm. Focused. Balanced. Precise. Finely etched minerality. Very persistent intense finish.

Points 95 TW

Canalicchio di Sopra Vigna Montosoli BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. A mixture of dark blue florals and spicy herbs invites the imbiber to this new and futuristic voyage of discovery, this being the first vintage of this new Cru.

Bing cherry, dewberry, spiced orange peel. Caressing tannins interplay with citrus infused acidity. A charming and pretty wine, Full of youthful intensity and promise. Balanced like a ballerina. A abyss of textural depth. Winemaking at its zenith.

Points 98 TW

Canalicchio di Sopra Vigna La Casaccia BdM 2018

Ruby red in colour. Wild meadow florals and violet awaken the senses. Wild black berries, boysenberry, dark plum and blackberry assisted by refreshing acidity and rounded tannins lift the palate to experience the layered intensity and textural resonance. The sheer appeal of this wine is mind blowing. Balance and energy are a given…

Points 97 TW

Cantina di Montalcino BdM 2018

Palest of purple in colour. Pink florals vie with raspberry, plum and candid red berries. Liquorice and new leather. Floats lightly on the palate. Rounded tannins. Medium bodied. Tapers on the close.

Points 89 TW

Camigliano BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour.Red cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, tobacco, orange peel and clove. Warm entry, expands slowly on mid palate bringing a fresh juicy coating. Has tons of energy. Remains consistent from start to the articulated finish.

Points 92 TW

Camigliano Paesaggio Inatteso BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. Violet florals, candid plum, raspberry, liquorice, camphor, black tea. Cool entry. Medium bodied.Concentrated fruit ripeness. Feeling of alcohol warmth as it tapers to the finish.

Points 88 TW

Capanna BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Aromas of violet and gardenia. Red cherry, raspberry, plum, balsamic notes, cedar bark. Delicate and lightly textured entry. Showing poise and balance. Secondary nuances of orange peel and sweet tobacco add to the pleasure. Has a natural richness. Super interesting mix.

Points 93 TW

Capanna Riserva BdM 2017

Pale ruby red in colour. Crushed rose petal aromas. A mixture of red and black wild berries. Dark cherry, plum, blood orange, liquorice and minty floral underbrush, cedar notes. Medium bodied. Light in texture. Sharp edged acidity freshness brings on the close.

Points 92 TW

Caparzo BDM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. Aromas of meadow flowers. Bing cherry and underbrush. Rich palate. Crushed seabed pebble minerality. Dark cherry, pomegranate, redcurrant and salty liquorice. Savoury. Caressing tannins. Razor sharp acidity vie with dark spice, leading to a juicy long finish.

Points 92+ TW

Caparzo Riserva BdM 2017

Deep ruby red in colour. Heady aromas of violet florals. Ripe black berries, dark sweet spice. Blueberry, warm liquorice, notes of humus, black tea, mushroom and mint complete secondary nuances. Warm and inviting on entry, broadens slowly showing medium textural depth, fine tannins and remnants of zesty acidity.Tight, with some sour notes of freshness continue to the long finish. Terrific effort for 2017.

Points 93 TW

Caparzo Vigna La Casa BdM 2018

Intense ruby red in colour. Distinct and intense aromas of violet and gardenia florals.

Dark fruits of blackberry, damson, cherry and plum interplay with eastern spice, balsam, star anise and espresso aromas. Tannins have completed their work and disappeared. Fresh acidity lifts the mid palate showing a cavern of textural depth assisted with oyster shell minerality. This is poised and polished, would benefit from a couple of years bottle age. Outstanding.

Points 95 TW

Carpineto BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Red rose petal and gardenia aromatics. Red cherry, plum, pomegranate, rhubarb, orange peel, balsam and clove.Cool entry. Silky tannins. Textural depth awareness. Medium bodied. Persistent.

Points 92+ TW

Carpineto Riserva BdM 2017

Medium ruby red in colour. Beguiling bouquet of rose petal, iodine, soft black berry fruit and crushed mint. Blackcurrant, dark plum, floral underbrush, dried herbs, salty liquorice and sweet tobacco. Ample and generous on entry. Racy and exotic. Savoury. Broad fresh long close.

Points 93 TW

Casisano BdM 2018

Pale garnet red in colour.Red cherry, dewberry, mint, orange peel, juniper notes. Medium bodied. Very tense, like a tight rope. Linear. Lacking weight.Inward. Fades on close.

Points 88 TW

Casisano Colombaiolo Riserva BdM 2017

Medium garnet red in colour. Aromatics of black berry fruits, orange peel, black tea and a hint of eucalyptus. Cool dry entry. Caressing tannins. Lightly textured. Again, lacking body weight to carry through to finish.

Points 88 TW

Castello Banfi BdM 2018

Palest of ruby red in colour. Generous bouquet of violet and rose petal. Sweet red cherry, liquorice, tangerine peel, Boysenberry. Great balanced entry. Juicy. Silky smooth tannins vie with perfectly weighted acidity. Contains a seductive nature; the imbiber is left craving a repeat of the process. Concentrated ripeness is rare for this vintage, and yet here it is! Good length on the finish.

Points 94 TW

Castello Banfi Poggio alle Mura BdM 2018

Intense pale ruby red in colour. Seductive aromatics of heady dark florals. Wild strawberry, raspberry, dark cherry, liquorice, mentholated herbs, balsamic notes and sweet dark Eastern spice. Cool entry. Slight restrained palate. A supple essence of citric tartness lifts the palate and expands another level of freshness. Good length on the close.

Points 93 TW

Castello Banfi Poggio Alle Mura BdM Riserva 2017

Bright pale ruby red in colour. Aromatics of red and blue florals. Red cherry, cranberry, crushed raspberry, blonde tobacco, clove and salty liquorice. Warm juicy entry expands vertically on the mid palate. Tangy acidity lifts the experience aided by fine tannins. Medium length on finish.

Points 92 TW

Castello Banfi Vigna Marrucheto BdM 2018

Bright ruby red in colour. Beneath a fragrant canopy; Bing cherry, plum, Loganberry, liquorice, herbal notes. Secondary nuances of balsam, new leather and scented spice.

Superb transparency. Suave and delicate.Tannins and acidity dance in harmony, with acidity taking the lead! Considerable appeal.

Points 95 TW

Cava D’ Onice Colombaio BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour.Rose petal florals. Red cherry, raspberry, cranberry, liquorice, balsam and walnut shell. Silky smooth entry coats the palate. Savoury. Medium length.

Points 90 TW

Cava D’Onice Sensis BdM 2018

Bright medium ruby red in colour. Spectacular aromas of spring cut flowers, violet, eucalyptus, spice and red berries. Dewberry continues the berry character, surrounded by grippy tannins and citrus flavoured acidity. Well extracted. Balanced despite its angular nature. Needs time to relax.

Points 91-93 TW

Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona BdM 2018

Pale garnet red in colour. Slight reductive notes, needed time to blow off. White cherry, blueberry, dry underbrush, orange peel. Elegant body. Agile with great length. Youthful with tense tannins, vibrant acidity, keeps the experience fresh and persistent. Needs a least two years bottle age.

Points 93 TW

Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona Pianrosso BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Delicate florals of violet and gardenia. Dark cherry, Boysenberry and baked plum, Mocha, orange peel. Distinctive spiced profile. Slightly exotic. Citrusy in character. Boisterous and super expressive.

Points 95 TW

Col di Lamo BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Concentrated nose profile of red rose petal, sweet spice and blackberry. Secondary nuances of soft liquorice, underbrush and balsam. Silky smooth entry, showing balance and textural awareness. Slight drying notes coming off mid palate. Good length on finish.

Points 91 TW

Corte Pavone BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. Violet florals, Sour red cherry, red and black wild berries. Inward looking. Not giving away much. Showing tannin tension and zesty acidity.

Points 88 TW

Corte Pavone Campo Marzio BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Bouquet of rose petal, eucalyptus, floral underbrush, wild forest berries, baked plum and blood orange. Cool entry, broadens slowly on mid palate. Youthful tannins and rapier acidity still need time to relax. Tart and minty edge on the close.

Points 91 TW

Corte Pavone Fior di Meliloto BdM 2018

Deep ruby red in colour. Delicate blue and white floral display. Wild strawberry, plum, mint, hint of liquorice. Silky smooth. Rounded. Medium bodied. Concentrated yet lightly textured. Secondary notes of blackberry and blackcurrant. Forward acidity. Medium length.

Points 91 TW

Corte Pavone Fiore del Vento BDM 2018

Deep ruby red in colour. Needs plenty of aeration. Blackberry, blackcurrant, mentholated dried herbs, bitter orange peel. Cool entry. Medium to full bodied. Juicy. Intense. Brooding and muscular. Medium length on finish.

Points 91 TW

Corte Pavone Vigne Poggio Molino al Vento BDM Riserva 2017

Medium ruby red in colour. Violet florals with gardenia. Bing cherry, Loganberry, salty liquorice, hint of balsam, minty acidity. Tight and tense. Leaves a sour bitter dry sensation following on from mid palate. Comes up short on the close.

Points 88 TW

Corte Pavone Anemone Al Sole BdM 2017

Medium ruby red with purple highlights. Showing rose petal and white florals on the nose. Wild cherry, plum, blackcurrant, green walnut, leather and orange peel. Warm entry. Restrained palate yet supple. Saline infused energy. Would benefit from more weight. Fresh clean mouthfeel on finish.

Points 90-92+ TW

Cortonesi La Mannella BDM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. A mixture of blue and white florals. Red cherry, plum, damson, raspberry, star anise and sweet dark spice. Humus notes. Cool entry glides across mid palate showing a core of ripe dark fruit, youthful tannins and vivid acidity. Good length on close.

Points 91 TW

Cortonesi Poggiarelli BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Violet florals. Red cherry, blackberry, blueberry, camphor, sweet liquorice, mentholated herbs and bitter orange peel. Soft and juicy on entry, expands vertically on the palate showing textural depth. Zesty acidity vie with rounded tannins.

Fresh, clean linear long close.

Points 93 TW

Elia Palazzesi BdM 2018

Palest of ruby red in colour. A flamboyant mixture of red florals, red cherry, baked plum and pomegranate floating on a balsamic infused, liquorice liquid bed. Cool entry. Just coats the palate. Tight and yet polished. Medium bodied. Light textural depth. Savoury. Generous close.

Points 93 TW

Fanti BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Rose petal florals. Sour red cherry, raspberry, plum, camphor nuances, fresh herbs, dark spice. Smooth fresh entry. Youthful tannins. Saline infused energy. Engaging tangy mouthfeel. Linear long close.

Points 93 TW

Fattoi BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Rose petal floral. Red and black berry fruit. Sweet Eastern spice, bitter orange peel, mint, tobacco notes. Broad juicy mouthfeel. Slight hint of white smoke or ash. Leaves an outline of fresh, tangy, juicy mouthfeel.

Points 92 TW

Fattoi BdM Riserva 2017

Medium ruby red in colour. Bing cherry, plum, blackberry, Boysenberry and balsamic notes. Not a shy personality. Full on breadth of primary flavour. A little wild and savoury. Long juicy close.

Points 92+ TW

Fattoria dei Barbi BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. Red rose petal, orange zest and essence of lavender. Red cherry, raspberry, balsamic notes, star anise, wild strawberry and dewberry. Saline savouriness. Massy and fleshy. Integrated acidity and tannins, Medium length.

Points 92 TW

Fattoria dei Barbi Riserva BdM 2017

Bright pale ruby red in colour. Heady mix of violet and crushed rose petal aromas. Red cherry, loganberry, dark plum, redcurrant, balsamic notes, clove, star anise and cedar. Warm entry. Lightly textured. Sour acidity notes bring attention to mid palate which in turn introduces a tight drying sensation to the close.

Points 90 TW

Fattoria dei Barbi Vigna del Fiore BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Crushed red rose petal aromas. Bing cherry, wild strawberry, plum, blueberry, liquorice and orange peel. Warm entry. Tangy acidity. Rounded tannins. Lightly textured. Medium bodied. Good length.

Points 93 TW

Fornacina BdM 2018

Bright ruby red in colour. Heady canopy of aromatics primary red florals with wild red berry fruit, blood orange. Secondary nuances of liquorice, leather and clove. Medium bodied. Natural richness. Has drive, unusual for this vintage. Hovers on the close.

Points 93 TW

Franco Pacenti BdM 2018

Pale garnet red in colour. A mix of red and black wild berries, baked plum, rhubarb, underbrush, tree bark and truffle. Finely formed and attractive for this vintage. Broad juicy relaxed progression to the close.

Points 93 TW

Frescobaldi Luce della Vite BdM 2018

Deep garnet red in colour. Aromatics of rose petal and gardenia. Dark cherry, dark berry. Secondary nuances of dewberry, liquorice and a dusting of baking spice. A wine with wide shoulders. Youthful tannins counter play with forward fresh acidity. Showing poise, ripeness and textural structure.

Points 93 TW

Frescobaldi di Castelgiocondo BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour with deep garnet red undertones. Old English rose petal, underpinned with lavender and violet florals. Bing cherry, loganberry, liquorice, clove, cinnamon and dried rosemary. Showing ripeness. Lightly textured. Punchy acidity that assists overall freshness. Linear with articulated close.

Points 93 TW

Frescobaldi di Castelgiocondo Ripe Al Convento BdM Riserva 2017

Medium ruby red in colour. Blue and white floral aromatics. Black fruit are predominant, balsamic notes, cigar box, dark chocolate, salty liquorice and black tea. Dusty tannins. Vivid acidity. Powerful yet refined. Long and focused.

Points 93+ TW

Fossacolle BdM 2018

Medium garnet red in colour. Bouquet of old red English garden rose. Red cherry, sweet spice and orange zest. Cool entry. Distinctive spice profile. Floats on the palate. Sharp edged acidity keeps everything in place. Broad succulent hit to the mid palate. Long juicy lingering close.

Points 92 TW

Fuligni BdM 2018

Aromas of red rose petal, violet and dried floral underbrush. A mixture of mainly red fruit and wild berries. Eastern spice. Super expressive. Packed with energy. Fine tannins and fresh acidity frame this wine, Agile. Linear. Loiters on the close.

Points 93 TW

Giodo BdM 2018

Bright ruby red in colour. Aromas of violet and dried Mediterranean herbs.

Blackberry, blueberry, balsamic notes and black tea. Hints of spice sensations. House style is very appealing. Good length and balance. Plush tannins and vibrant acidity co exist. Fresh, youthful and alluring. Broad, juicy close.

Points 96 TW

Il Marroneto Rosso di Montalcino Ignaccio 2020

Pale ruby red in colour. Crushed pink rose petal aromas. Wild cherry, loganberry, exotic Eastern spice, overtones of Kirsch and candid orange peel. Very elegant body. Balanced. Tons of energy. Silky tannins and vibrant acidity surround a solid core of fruit. Savoury. Hovers on the close.

Points 93+ TW

Il Marroneto Rosso di Montalcino lacopo 2020

Pale/medium ruby red in colour. Red floral aromas intermix with wild meadow florals on the nose. Bing cherry, wild strawberry, dark plum, a dusting of cinnamon, star anise and salty liquorice. Fresh acidity sustains the rich body. Great length and balance. Articulated close.

Points 94 TW

Il Marroneto BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. Old English red rose petal and gardenia perform the aromatic introduction. Fresh, ripe black berries vie with other dark fruit, underbrush, orange peel and cedar notes. Purity of flavours is compelling. Vibrancy is tangible. Layered acidity carries the mid palate allowing observation of structure and energy. Broad intensity to the close.

Points 96 TW

Il Marroneto Madonna delle Grazie BdM 2018

Intense bright ruby red in colour. Lifted floral aromas of rose petal, violet and bluebell.

Black cherry, dewberry, pomegranate, plum, redcurrant, grilled rosemary, marjoram and oregano play their part. Nuances of fruit loiter on the palate. Silky textures endure from start to finish weaving in and out of spectacular fresh, vivid acidity. Perfect symmetry. A liquid pleasure bomb!

Points 98 TW

Innocenti BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. Dark floral aromas. Blackberry, blueberry, dark plum and black prune. Roasted meat, liquorice, warm earth, mint. Cool, dry mouthfeel, dusty tannins. Clean fresh forward acidity. Finely etched minerality.

Points 92 TW

L M di Lazzeretti BdM 2018

Pale garnet red in colour with pale pink undertones. Violet florals. Wild red berry fruits, pomegranate, blood orange, liquorice, white pepper. Medium bodied. Juicy. Well balanced. Light texture. Slight dry tannins feel at the finish.

Points 90 TW

La Casaccia di Franceschi BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. Rich powerful blue florals of violet and bluebell.

Blackberry, blueberry, dark plum, star anise, clove, balsam, cigar box, dusting of dark Eastern spice and cedar. Silky smooth upon entry covering the palate at glacial speed. Fresh acidity sustains rich body. Fine tannins. Long finish.

Points 93 TW

La Casaccia di Franceschi Riserva BdM 2017

A rich bouquet of crushed rose petal and blue florals. Deep ruby red in colour. Dusty dried black cherry, blueberry, blackcurrant, salty liquorice, citrus influenced acidity, fine tannins, a puff of black smoke. Linear. A slight tightening and tapering off mid palate, shows youthful tension.

Points 91-93 TW

La Cerbaiola Salvioni BdM 2018

Ruby red in colour. Extraordinary aromatic delineation and nuance of pale rose petal and white florals. Silky tannins encircle fresh red and black berry fruits. Terrific persistence. Balanced. Poised. Medium to full bodied. Bright and translucent. An immense of work went into this: and it has paid off.

Points 95+ TW

La Gerla BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Violet florals with a dusting of baking spice. Bing cherry, Loganberry, blackcurrant, warm earth and balsamic notes. Exotic flair. Rich. Flirtatious. Caressing tannins.Tremendous resonance. Bright, Persistent.

Points 93+ TW

La Gerla La Pieve BdM 2018

Bright ruby red in colour. Aromatics of blue florals and lavender. Red berry fruit, dried cherry, blueberry. Saturates the palate with great depth and volume. Hits the right notes. Fresh youthful tannins will relax and dissolve. Still a touch tight but polished.

Points 94 TW

La Lecciaia BdM 2018

Medium garnet red in colour. Red cherry, pomegranate, distant notes of liquorice and orange peel picked up on mid palate. Drying tannins. Comes up a little short on the close.

Points 88 TW

La Lecciaia BdM Riserva 2017

Pale garnet red in colour. Purple florals. Blackberry, wild cherry. Dry stone minerality. Vivid acidity. Concentrated. Dusty tannins. Medium length.

Points 89 TW

La Lecciaia Vigna Manapetra BdM 2018

Medium garnet red in colour. Red rose florals. Wild cherry, pomegranate, plum, crushed rock minerality, dark spice. Rounded. Smooth. Juicy. Restrained palate.

Points 90 TW

La Magia BdM 2018

Ruby red in colour. Heady, deep aromatics of rose, sweet spice and cedar. Dark berry fruit vie with fine tannins and pin point acidity, producing a velvety, red cherry enriched mouthfeel. Broad, slow long progression to the close.

Points 92+ TW

La Magia Ciliegio BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour with purple undertones. Aromatics of violet and bluebell. Blackberry, blueberry, dark plum and dried red cherry. Crushed pebble minerality. Combination of iodine, balsam and mint nuances lift the palate to a fresh, clean, almost citrusy status. Back end juicy, broad with hint of liquorice and bitter orange peel.

Points 94 TW

La Palazzetta BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Rose petal and violet aromatics. Red cherry, raspberry, redcurrant, mint, liquorice. On the palate an exchange of bitter nuances and ripe fruit. A hint of alcohol warmth.

Points 87 TW

La Poderina BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Tart cherry, plum and rhubarb. Austere and non forgiving palate. Disjointed.

Points 84 TW

La Poderina BdM Riserva 2017

Pale ruby red in colour. Dark cherry, pomegranate, plum, slate minerality, notes of cedar, grilled Mediterranean herbs. Medium bodied. Secondary nuances of cherry and Kirsch.Youthful tense tannins. Mellow finish.

Points 88 TW

La Rasina BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Red and blue florals vie with ripe dark berry fruit on the nose. Blackberry, blueberry, dewberry, baked dark plum, dusting of cinnamon, clove, black tea and black olive. Cool entry showing a core of fresh dark fruit held in place with high octane acidity and fine tannins. Tapers a little to a long close.

Points 92 TW

La Rasina PerSante BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour. Aromatics of violet, Iris and dried lavender. Dark cherry, pomegranate, Boysenberry, sweet tobacco, worn leather, dried Mediterranean herbs and a puff of balsamic notes. Succulent on the palate, wave after wave of fresh dense juice: exotic comes to mind. Freshness and energy all play their parts. Articulated close.

Points 93 TW

La Rasina Riserva il Divasco BdM 2016

Intense medium ruby red in colour. Aromatics of wild meadow flowers and violet. Blackberry, blueberry, black cherry, bitter orange peel, cedar, camphor, walnut shell. Dazzling from the start. Giving layers of pleasure. Huge textural depth and variety. Has completely woven together. Seamless and balanced. Absorbing display of Sangiovese. Trophy winner of a wine.

Points 98 TW

La Fortuna BdM 2018

Pale garnet red in colour. Aromas of pink rose petal, violet and fresh cut green stems. Sour red cherry, pomegranate, rhubarb, mint, slight hint of liquorice, underbrush. Medium bodied. Remarkable finesse. Showing Burgundian elegance and textural lightness. Linear. Youthful and yet primary.

Points 94+ TW

Lambardi BdM 2018

Pale garnet red in colour. Heady bouquet of red florals, dark cherry, pomegranate, liquorice, balsamic notes. Medium bodied. Light texture. Noticeable alcohol warmth. Rapier acidity.

Points 87 TW

Le Chiuse BdM 2018

Pale to medium ruby red in colour. Aromatics of old English red garden rose. Red cherry, wild red berries interplay with slight notes of roasted meat, warm earth, dried Mediterranean herbs. Such a light touch to this graceful imbibe. Youthful tension yet agile and supple as it glides across mid palate. Tannins still young will relax given bottle age of a couple of years. Acidity has a citrusy edge to it.Terroir driven wines from this estate. Impressive.

Points 94 TW

Le Chiuse Diecianni BdM Riserva 2013

Medium ruby red in colour. Red cherry, dewberry, wild strawberry, dark spice, graphite are all involved in the mix. Very elegant yet full bodied. Tons of energy. Terrific persistence. Has a rare natural richness. Long broad articulated finish.

Points 95+ TW

Lorenzo Melani BdM 2018

Pale garnet red in colour. Intense dark floral ores. Red cherry. Dark berry fruits. Cinnamon stick. Notes of mint and blonde tobacco. Cool smooth entry. Freshness that gives suppleness. Medium finish.

Points 92TW

Martoccia BdM 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. A bouquet of red florals, red fruits, spice and bitter citrus peel.

Secondary nuances of balsam, leather and salty liquorice. Rich entry. Freshness that gives way to suppleness. Integrated tannins. Balanced. Just the correct amount of acidity and layered minerality. All is well here.

Points 92 TW

Mocali BdM 2018

Medium ruby red in colour.Blue floral notes. Blackberry, blueberry, dewberry, clove, balsam with sweet spice and blood orange. Cool dry entry. Little one dimensional. Tannins leave a dry sensation at the back end. Lacks balance.

Points 87 TW