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Chianti Classico Collection 2022

This year I asked the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, if their members would kindly send only the latest vintages of Chianti Classico Annata, Riserva and Gran Selezione.

My reason for this was based on the following:

1) To attempt to identify the style of wine produced in a particular area of the denomination.

2) To understand the quality of the wines in that particular region

3) To see if these new sub zones of Chianti Classico that have formed smaller associations, within the Consorzio, are in fact producing better overall quality wines bearing in mind this new ‘Co-Op’ approach through information sharing, members assistance and passing on knowledge previously held “under lock and key”.

Of course, this study is going to take some years to reach a conclusive opinion, but I get the vibe from the zones that have embraced this “working together” mantra.

This new open approach is a huge innovative step: the winemakers of Chianti Classico were historically extremely protective of their estates’ winemaking methods.

There is now a major overall will to evolve in all levels of wine production, which can only benefit all producers involved and eventually the consumers.

Most of the wines submitted were 2018 and 2019.

The weather conditions in 2019 varied but in general terms consisted of a mild winter and spring: bud break occurred when it was expected in early April. Rainfall continued throughout May which at this time had two effects, firstly it gives the plants a store of water to use up in the Summer but it also slows down growth giving a more equable maturation period. By June the weather was ‘near perfect’ and continued through July. August was mostly very hot, but not for sustained periods. A little rainfall late August was very welcome.

Due to this weat