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Noble Times to Noble Wines

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

The extraordinary Monteraponi estate has refused to be consigned to the history books. One thousand years after its illustrious beginnings Monteraponi is fully restored and producing some of the finest wines in Chianti Classico.

With a history going back ten centuries to Count Ugo, Marchese and Governor of Tuscany to the present “governor” Michele Braganti aided by his very accomplished and charming wife Alessandra Deiana.

Set in an area of 200 hectares in a natural amphitheatre exposed to the south sheltered from the north winds, the vineyards are spread over 12 hectares with altitudes ranging from 420 metres to 560 metres.

The modern story began when Michele Braganti's father purchased a run down hamlet in 1974. The head of a famous Florentine family of silversmiths he decided to resurrect this famous old borgo to its former glory and plant some Sangiovese vines for the family table.

It was not until Michele took over in 2000 (at his mother’s suggestion) that commercial winemaking started taking shape. With no formal training in viticulture Michele took to the task in a single-minded fashion asking enologist after enologist for direction and receiving conflicting advice. Thus deciding to rely on his own judgment and instinct.

Spending time in Burgundy, its wines being a lifetime passion, Michele learnt well and utilising that knowledge, he purchased new machinery and oak barrels. New vines were planted.

Vintage followed vintage and the winemaker started to truly understand and appreciate his terroir. Following the organic certified route with as little cellar “management” as possible. Fermentation is carried out in old concrete vats which have no thermal conditioning system in order for it to be spontaneous and natural as possible. No selected yeast, activators, feeders or malolactic bacteria added. The wine is aged in large oak barrels coming from Burgundy and Austria.

Monteraponi is one of a small group of passionate and dedicated artisan winemakers that are raising the status of Chianti Classico by the quality and purity of their wines.

Tasting Notes

Monteraponi Chianti Classico DOCG 2017 Barrel Sample

Ruby red in colour. Outstanding floral nose showing lavender, fresh clean fruit of red berries with a mineral undertone. Structure with finesse. Medium to full body that will put on a little weight. Smooth and classy. A winner!

Points 92-94 TW

Monteraponi Chianti Classico DOCG 2016

Light ruby red, medium to full body, red berries, spice, undertones of minerality. Engaging, smooth and long.

Points 93 TW

Monteraponi Chianti Classico DOCG Il Campitello Riserva 2017 Barrel Sample

Deep red. Juicy red fruit herbal and savoury. Strong tannins at this stage, needs time. A little tight.

Points 92-94 TW

Monteraponi Chianti Classico DOCG Il Campitello Riserva 2016 Barrel Sample

Bright ruby colour, raspberry fruit, touch of vanilla. Integrated tannins. Fragrant. Burgundian feel about it.

Points 93-95 TW

Monteraponi Chianti Classico DOCG Il Campitello Riserva 2015

Medium to full body, ruby red in colour, fresh red cherries, dried earth, mediterranean herbs. Linear, rich compelling. A classic!

Points 94 TW

Monteraponi Toscana Rosso IGT Baron’Ugo 2016 Barrel Sample

Bright ruby colour, medium to full body. Concentrated red fresh fruit, dried forest floor, iron, orange zest. Saline undertones. Structured but with a silky texture. Glorious mouthfeel. Persistent.

Points 95 TW

Monteraponi Toscana Rosso IGT Baron’Ugo 2015 Barrel Sample

Ruby colour with a slight amber hue, medium bodied. Beguiling bouquet. Sweet red fruit, supported by bitter orange peel. Dried tobacco and spice. Balanced and complex. Beautiful entry that opens up in mid palate giving a linear and persistent texture. Long finish. Wow! Better than 2010? For me, yes!

Points 96 TW

Monteraponi Toscana Rosso IGT Baron’Ugo 2013

Sangiovese blend with 7% Canaiolo and 3% Colorino. Red cherry, cedar, tobacco and sweet herbs. Showing well. 2018 - 2030

Points 93 TW

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