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Principe Corsini, Villa Le Corti

To fully appreciate the engagement with the present, one needs to understand the evolution of the past. This is most definitely the case here at Villa Le Corti.

The Corsini lineage can be traced back nine centuries, this Florentine family's ancestors include: Pope Clemente XII (Lorenzo Corsini), and a saint, the Bishop of Fiesole (Andrea Corsini).

The family's wealth was created by brothers Filippo, Bartolomeo and Lorenzo in the mid 16th century, due to commercial ventures throughout Europe, reinvesting profits in real estate and land acquisition in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.

The importance of Lorenzo Corsini alias Pope Clemente XII (1652-1730) cannot be underestimated, as far as family prestige is concerned, apart from his devoutness, he also possessed great knowledge of the financial world.