Tuscany Summer Wines: Whites, Rosati and Sparkling

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Included within my Chianti Classico Collection 2021 Review this year I gave a brief history of this famous denomination in which I mentioned that Chianti Classico started life as a white wine.

This statement energised my thoughts into reviewing the present stock of white wines produced mainly in Chianti Classico then I decided to include Rosato and sparkling wines to my tastings...

Because of the worldwide fame of red wines produced in Tuscany, the whites from this region are mostly ignored or overlooked, or worse still derided as a poor quality product.

Nothing can be further from reality: the whites, Rosato and sparkling wines from Tuscany are generally a quality product at a good price… a gift for the consumer!

The main native grapes of the region are Vernaccia, Vermentino, Trebbiano and Malvasia, (Vernaccia di San Gimignano is a DOCG) usually Tuscan whites come under DOC or IGT banners.

The IGT version allows winemakers to experiment and create wines of variety according to grape, terroir and the winemaker’s vision.

In recent years, Chardonnay has become very popular in Tuscany and many producers are making terroir led high quality wines from this international variety. These wines are generally less buttery than their French counterpart, showing a fresh, fruity, mineral and acidity led experience.

The Tuscan coastal region of Bolgheri DOC appellation are mainly planted with Trebbiano Toscano, Vermentino and Sauvignon Blanc. Bolgheri whites are characterised by citrus and floral notes.

From Montalcino, whites are predominately Moscato Bianco showing summer fruits, honey with a light dry texture.

In addition I have noticed the Incredible effort and meticulous work practises being the adopted norm in trying to elevate the quality of these wines, that will one day receive its fair share of international market appreciation.

Tasting Notes

Tuscany Rosati Wines

Vignamaggio Albaluce Rosato 2020

Medium copper in colour with pale pink undertones. Made with Merlot and Syrah. Crushed strawberry with green top, lime, white flowers. Carefully balanced. Clean texture. A mixture of white pepper and saltiness on the back end

Points 89 TW

Castello di Radda Rosato 2020

Pale copper in colour. Made with Sangiovese grapes. Crisp entry, showing orchard fruits, honeydew melon. Rounded and focused. Yellow florals. Broadens on the close. Nicely done.

Points 91 TW

Poggio Torselli 1427 Rosato 2019

Pale salmon in colour. Pugnitello 100%. Glorious florals of jasmine and violet. Silky mouthfeel. Dried apricot, faint earth notes, spice on the long finish.

Points 91 TW

San Giusto a Rentennano Fuori Misura Rosato 2020

Deep pink in colour. Crushed warm strawberry, raspberry, red rose petals, cranberry. Light in texture but has depth. Showing orange peel notes on the close.

Points 92 TW

Brancaia Rosé 2020

Pale copper in colour. Made using Merlot grapes from Maremma. Fresh and bright, Showing green apple, peach, lemon zest. Dry texture yet juicy, with a long finish. Impressive.

Points 93 TW

Casale dello Sparviero Rosato 2019

Pale copper with pink undertones. Sangiovese 100%. Biologico. Clean and fresh with soft berries, green apple, notes of tangerine oil. Elegant. Savoury. Engaging.

Points 92 TW

Tenuta di Liliano Montanello Rosato 2020

Medium salmon in colour. Made with 100% Sangiovese. Wild strawberry, dried raspberries, violet florals. Rich. Savoury entry expands on mid palate showing balanced acidity with lime zest edge.

Clean aftertaste following long close.

Points 91 TW

Cinciano Gotifredo Rosato 2020

Papaya, orange peel, tangerine oil, almond, florals of rose petal and violet. Green savoury notes. Red cherry notes on the back end. Concentrated and persistent.

Points 91 TW

Rocca di Montegrossi Rosato 2020

Pale pink in colour. Sangiovese 100%. Subtle floral aromas of white and rose petal. Wild strawberry, kiwi, orange peel. Has resonance from the off. Expressive. Comes with a layered feel.

Clean. Long finish.

Points 93 TW

Villa Montepaldi Castellina Rosato 2019

Pale copper in colour. Sangiovese 100%. White floral aromas with orange blossom. White peach, melon, tangerine oil, dried earth. Clean and fresh. Fruity mouthfeel. Fades slightly after mid palate. Fresh acidity keeps everything in place.

Points 90 TW

Rosato dell’Aiola 2020

Hot pink in colour. Sangiovese 100%. Concentrated soft, white fresh fruit; white peach, pear, apricot, notes of lime zest. Held in an acidic and crushed rock mineral veil. Balanced and linear.

Points 91 TW

Terrabianca Arillo Bevorosa 2020

Faint pale copper in colour. A blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Ciliegiolo. Wild floral aromas followed by peach, green apple, kiwi. Savoury. Has a touch of class about it. Layered. Sea pebble minerality with orange oil on the back end.

Points 94 TW

Casa di Monti Bruzzolo Rosé 2020

Medium copper in colour with pink undertones. Sangiovese 100%. Aromas of fresh cut flowers and blue petals. Soft strawberry, orange peel, crushed stone. Dry and bracing. Mix of spice and faint tobacco on the end.

Points 91 TW

Carpineto Dogajolo Rosato 2020

Pale copper with pale pink undertones. Intense bouquet of rose petal, orchard fruit, citrus oil and almond. Soft curves. Balanced within a millimetre of its life. Fresh crisp aftertaste. Bordering on savoury. Downright pleasant.

Points 93 TW

Torcibrencoli Lostinto Rosé 2019

Palest pink with orange hue in colour. Sangiovese 100%. Aromas of red rose and orange blossom. Apricot, Ogen melon, guava, starfruit and liquorice. Concentrated perfumed taste with orange peel nuances on the close. Would suit as a chilled dessert wine.

Points 90 TW

Fattoria San Michele a Torri Rosé 2020

Deep salmon in colour. Made from a blend of Sangiovese and Canaiolo. Needs aeration. White peach, apricot. Piercing acidity. Tannins show a green edge, maybe will balance out given time. Vegetal character.

Points 87 TW

Tenuta Carobbio Terra Rossa Rosato 2019

Medium salmon in colour. Sangiovese 100%. Strawberry with green tops, cranberry, sour cherry, wild meadow florals. Light and creamy in texture. Well balanced. Good fresh acidity. Long finish.

Points 92 TW

Fietri Rosato di Sangiovese Biologico 2020

Pale copper with bright pink undertones. Heady aromas of crushed pink rose petals, grapefruit, watermelon, sage and stone minerality. Pink pepper. Elegant layered texture. Fresh clean mid palate leads to a long juicy close with chamomile nuances. Wow!

Points 94 TW

Castello di Meleto Borgaio Rosato 2020

Brilliant pale pink in colour. Fresh warm strawberry, watermelon, red cherry, hazelnut. Rich soft rounded texture held up by balanced acidity and ultra fine tannins. Edging on the savoury. Linear.

Points 92 TW

Le Cinciole Rosato Biologico 2020

Pale pink in colour. Sangiovese 100%. Delicate blue floral aroma. Apricot, guava, pink grapefruit and pink pepper. A mix of lemon oil, sea pebble minerality and dried Mediterranean herbs lead to a citrus infused close.

Points 93 TW

Bibbiano Scappalepre 2020

Sangiovese 100%. Red cherry, raspberry, lime oil, white flowers, almond. Bitter orange peel. Soft and delicate. Overall fresh and crisp. Medium bodied. Caresses the palate.

Points 91 TW

Rocca delle Macíe Campo Maccione Maremma Toscana Rosato 2020

Pale copper in colour. Sangiovese 100%. Pink lady apple, dried pear, crushed raspberry, followed by grapefruit and lime zest.Fresh, inviting, dry texture showing a wine of balance and subtle complexity.

Points 92 TW

Vecchie Terre di Montefili Rosato 2020

Brilliant pale salmon in colour. Sangiovese 100%. Sour cherry, watermelon, green apple, kiwi, chamomile, pink pepper. Soft and agile on the palate. Ripe and fresh tannins vie with rapier acidity.

Medium bodied. A wine showing its terroir.

Points 92 TW

Lecci E Brocchi Il Meticcio Rosato 2020

A blend incorporating Sangiovese, Malvasia, Canaiolo Nero and Ciliegiolo.

Fresh soft white fruit, warm strawberry, candied orange peel, earthy notes, under bush, dried prune. It is a bit confused…and so am I.

Points 86 TW

Dievole Le Due Arbie Rosato 2020

Palest of pale copper. Sangiovese 100%. Aromas of ripe strawberry, lemon oil, rose petal and pink grapefruit. Fresh, crisp and elegant with a citrus character.

Points 92 TW

Principi Corsini Villa Le Corti Venusio Rosato Biologico 2020

Pale pink in colour. Sangiovese 100%. Ripe strawberry, nectarine, almond, chamomile lead this fresh crisp savoury wine. Nuances of dried earth and leather add to the overall appeal.

Points 92 TW

Fattoria Melini Poggio a Rossi Rosato 2020

Pinot Nero and Sangiovese? Red rose petal, red berry, orange peel, notes of tangerine oil, juicy. Chewy tannins. Medium bodied dry. Very fragrant.

Points 91 TW

N.B. The traditional colour for Rosato was deep or dark pink

Tuscany White Wines

Vegi Margherita Chiostri Bianco 2014

Medium straw with yellow highlights in colour. Blend of Trebbiano, Malvasia del Chianti and Chardonnay. Aromas of yellow flowers with some grass notes. Grapefruit, stewed pear, stem ginger and vanilla. Delicate entry coats the mid palate in warm orchard fruits with pin point balance. Ginseng on the back end. I wandered why this vineyard sent me a 2014 to taste - I now know… A beauty!

Points 95 TW

San Fabiano Calcinaia Cerviolo 2019

Pale gold in colour. Toscana Bianco Chardonnay with Sauvignon Blanc? Aromas of white flowers, white peach and lime zest. Warm, soft edges with light to medium weight. Fresh acidic balance takes over on the mid palate giving a fresh, clean mouth feel to the close.

Points 91 TW

Castello di Monsanto Chardonnay 2019

Pale yellow in colour. Peach, pear, mimosa, green gage and citrus oil. Crushed rock minerality underpinning chewy tannins and fresh acidity. Mouthfeel fresh and tart.

Points 91 TW

Bibbiano Listrice 2020

Medium straw in colour. A blend of Malvasia Bianca and Trebbiano. Green apple, honeydew melon, lemon peel, white flowers. Compact. Medium bodied. Good balance.

Points 90 TW

Castello Meleto Borgaio Vermentino 2020

Pale straw in colour. The elegance of the citrus aromas finally gives way to yellow apple, pear and ripe green melon. Yellow florals. Delicate acidity encourages a broadening of the palate to a linear long finish. All this held up with faint notes of clove and oyster shell minerality.

Points 93 TW

Podere L’Aja Marmato 2020

Palest of gold in colour. Sangiovese 100%. Bouquet of white flowers, citrus rind, peach, faint notes of grapefruit. Tannins are a little green, finish comes up very sharp and tart. Needs bottle time to settle.

Points 88 TW

Carpineto Dogajolo 2020

Pale straw in colour. A blend of Chardonnay, Grechetto and Sauvignon Blanc. Melon, white peach, green apple, white rose petal, chalk. Warm, soft edges. Could do with more acididity. A little lean.