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Viticoltori di Greve in Chianti

In November I was invited by the newly formed association of producers called Viticoltori Greve in Chianti; a group of 26 wineries united for promoting sustainability in this area of the Chianti Classico territory.

Apart from the promotion of sustainability, the producers are fully committed to protect their region, redevelop new areas, promote wine tourism and to uphold any agricultural production that puts biodiversity first and foremost on its agenda.

The event was hosted by the president of the Viticoltori Greve in Chianti, Victoria Matta at Castello Vicchiomaggio, home of John Matta and his family.

After a reception of sparkling wines and local antipasti, we sat for lunch with the representatives of all the wineries; the wine selection consisted of one wine from each. The task of tasting and reviewing all 26 wines, as well as consuming a four course lunch, conversing with dignitaries, fellow journalists and winemakers was going to be impossible, so I decided to focus on reviewing only the samples from the wineries that were new to me.

Tasting Notes

Antico Borgo Di Sugame Chianti Classico 2019

Dark ruby red in colour. Blue florals, black fruits, mocha and black pepper. Full bodied. Fine tannins, eucalyptus on back end. Expressive and expansive.

Points 92 TW

Ca' Di Pesa Burrone Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2016

Deep ruby red in colour. Forward rose aromatics. Cherry and blackcurrant. Savoury. Slight drying tannins, mid palate coming up lean, back end slightly abrupt.

Points 87 TW

Corte Di Valle Chianti Classico 2019

Ruby red in colour. Cherries soaked in raspberry juice, Mediterranean herbs, shaved nutmeg, walnut and tree bark. Juicy. Balanced with a long finish.

Points 91 TW

Fattoria La Presura Chianti Classico Riserva 2017

Deep garnet in colour. Cherry, stewed plum, violet florals. Fresh. Clean. Balanced. Fruit quality extremely high. Well put together. Long finish.

Points 93 TW

Leonardo Manetti Chianti Classico 2019

Ruby red in colour. Fine floral aromatics, cigar box. Fresh acidity dancing with ripe tannins. Savoury. Slight tart character on the close.

Points 90 TW

Pieve Di San Cresci David Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2015

Dark ruby red in colour. Vegetal nose. Powerful, dense, uncompromising. Chewy tannins, yet fresh and juicy. Finely sculpted body. Fruit quality off the charts!

Points 94 TW

Podere Campriano Chianti Classico 2018

Pale ruby red in colour. Faint florals, cherry, blackberry, forest floor, rosemary. Juicy. Chewy tannins. Fresh acidity, slight dryness on mid palate. Shortness on the close.

Points 88 TW

Richiari Porciglia Chianti Classico Riserva 2017

Mid ruby red in colour. Black berry fruits. Swathes of acidity create a puckering sensation, good texture and flavour. Showing a little dryness on the back end.

Points 90 TW

Savignola Paolina Chianti Classico Riserva 2016

Pale ruby red in colour. Cherry, black fruits, tobacco, spice, dark chocolate. Needs aeration.

Has a special character. Full bodied. Built on strong core of fruit structure. Needs time to settle.

Points 91+ TW

Terre Di Melazzano ChiAndrè Chianti Classico 2018

Mid ruby red in colour. Black forest fruit predominates. Earthy. Black truffle. Soft entry. Layered.Vibrant acidity. Tons of energy. Broadens on mid palate leading to a long finish.

Works for me!

Points 93 TW

Torraccia Di Presura Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2017

Dark ruby red in colour. Cherry, orange peel aromatics. Balanced. Elegant. Fresh acidity gives kick to extra depth. Harmonious. Long clean finish.

Points 93 TW

Triacca La Madonnina Chianti Classico Riserva 2017

Ruby red in colour, Vegetal. Savoury. Sour cherry. Chewy tannins. Some alcohol warmth on back end.

Points 87 TW

I would like to thank Victoria Matta and her family for the gracious invitation and hospitality.

I would also like to mention: Luigi Giovanni Cappellina of Castello di Verrazzano, Marco Mazzoni of Corte di Valle, Caterina Sacchet of Carpineto, Paolo Pellegrini Giornalista and the Mayor of Greve in Chianti Paolo Sottani for their great company during my time at Castello Vicchiomaggio.

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