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Casanova di Neri

Is arguably one of the most well known and successful wineries in Montalcino.

This success didn’t just happen by chance: it is based upon intelligent thought process that led to the original purchase in 1971, backed up with entrepreneurial vision, insatiable appetite to acquire oenology science and sheer hard work.

Great things can happen out of adversity. The time was the early seventies, the place Montalcino, Tuscany: the first act of this adventure, against the massive exodus of people leaving the countryside for a better life in the cities. Giovanni Neri found himself purchasing agricultural land with a vision of planting Sangiovese vines and attempting to make a great wine.

The object of this ‘courageous’ purchase was a property called Podere Casanova consisting of about 200 hectares east of Montalcino of mainly farming land where grapes were mainly sold in bulk.

Seven years after this, the newly named estate Casanova di Neri bottled its first wine, a Rosso di Montalcino with the label titled: ‘ Red Wine from Brunello Vineyards’.

Also in 1978 the first Brunello was bottled, with fruit coming from the best parcels of three vineyards in the north east of the estate. These plots now produce the fruit referred to as Brunello di Montalcino White Label.