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Orra Wine Review 2022

I have the upmost respect for all wineries. Each year a few of them take the trouble to send wines for my review, and I thank them all for their generosity and their trust.

These wines although interesting, sometimes do not fall into any major category I am appraising at that time, therefore they are put aside until I have time to appraise them. Last year I decided to place these bottles into a new annual category called: Orra Wine Review.

Below, is a brief description of the birthplace of these wines followed by my tasting notes.

Poggio Santa Maria from my close neighbour and good friend Massimiliano Marchetti, followed by his neighbour and fellow winemaker Nicola Chiucchiurlotto of Madrevite: both wineries are part of the Colli del Trasimeno Corsorzio in Umbria.

Staying in Umbria, the ancient hill town of Narni, overlooking the Nera River and home to the wines of Leonardo Bussoletti.

These are followed by a Montefalco Bianco from Tenuta Alzatura, an estate under the patronage of Famiglia Cecchi.

Then we travel to Tuscany, to the famous winery of Avignonesi with a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Almost round the corner to this estate is La Braccesca owned by Antinori, producing terroir led Syrah referred to as Cortona Syrah.

Next up, two white wines from the prodigious and exemplary winery Castello di Albola, from my good friend Alessandro Gallo the winemaker and director.

Then two rosé from Podere Ciona and Carpineto who also sent two more whites: all from the Chianti Classico area. These were received with other wines I was reviewing in a different category.

From near Verona, an Amarone della Valpollicella Classico by Palazzo Montanari, a magnificent estate in Bure with a 14th century Manor House immersed in the Veronese hills.

Then from Trentino a Pinot Grigio from the Dorigati estate, located in the suburb of Mezzocorona. This winery was established in 1858 and has evolved through five generations of the Dorigati family.

Finally, from Chianti Rufina: a newish winery known as ORMAE VINAE, a rebirth of an old vineyard called Il Monte located overlooking Pontassieve at 350 metres above sea level, producing quality organic and bio wines in minuscule numbers.

From this winery: two back to back vintages of Gioièllae, a Rosato made from 100% Sangiovese. Then t