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Podere Giodo

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

What do the wineries of Barone Ricasoli, Brancaia, Castello di Fonterutoli, Fattoria Le Corti, Sapaio, Poliziano, Fattoria di Petrolo, Talenti, Giodo, Castello di Romotorio, Casanova di Neri and many more, all have in common?

The answer is: They all have the assistance and expertise of Italy’s eminent enologist, Carlo Ferrini. A man whose reputation sits comfortably alongside Giacomo Tachis, Giulio Gambelli, and Riccardo Cotarella.

It was my great pleasure to visit Podere Giodo, the Montalcino winery belonging to Carlo Ferrini and his daughter Bianca.

The Giodo estate is named after Carlo’s parents GIOvanna and DOnatello.

On this fine autumn morning I almost find it impossible to concentrate on this vineyard and its utterly amazing beauty, in favour of discussing the phenomenal career of its owner…which I hope to investigate on another occasion, should I be so blessed.

Back to the business of the day: Podere Giodo, Montalcino and Alberelli di Giodo, Etna, Sicily, the latter being another extraordinary parcel of land owned by the family.

First, Podere Giodo, consisting of six parcels of land planted with Sangiovese all with a South East exposure at 300 to 400 metres above sea level. The density of planting is 6,600 per hectare and the yield, 50 quintals per hectare. The age of the oldest vines is about 20 years. The soil composition is pebble, stone and rock with generous amounts of clay, medium textured. It covers 2.5 hectares in total.

Alcoholic fermentation take place in steel vats, followed by periods of time in concrete tanks, varying according to vintage. The maturation period of 2.5 years in 500 and 700 litre French Oak casks, followed by 18 months in the bottle. Bottle production in 2013 was 8,000 and in 2016, 12,000.

Apart from their Brunello di Montalcino, Podere Giodo also produces a Rosso; this wine came to life in 2011 and was referred to as a Toscana IGT. From 2018 it was renamed 'La Quinta' following the acquisition and planting of the fifth vineyard on this estate.

Second, Alberelli di Giodo produces a self-titled varietal wine made from Nerello Mascalese, first produced in 2016 from the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. The vineyard has a northerly exposure and is just over one hectare located between 900 and 950m above sea level on black pomace ground. The vines are 80 to 100 years old and trained to the traditional ‘low bush’ Alberello style with a planting density of 5,000 plants per hectare. After fermentation Alberelli is matured for 12 months in small French Oak casks.

Back to Podere Giodo, the estate in Montalcino is a diamond set against semi precious stones, consisting of six vineyards almost totally protected by mature trees and ancient cypress. Some of the vineyards, gently sloping in a semi circle, form their own amphitheatre. Newly built traditional Tuscan stone buildings with contemporary interiors are skilfully hidden from the garden-like setting.

The main reception and tasting buildings (with carefully designed interior fixtures and fittings chosen by Bianca) sit comfortably alongside and over the cellar and wine making cantina. This cutting edge stunning architectural themed building, conveys total harmony of a space that conceals a state-of-the-art working cellar serving a totally practical role for work at hand.

The wooden casks and gigantic terracotta urns adorn the cellar forming a striking “stage set” against Giodo’s dramatic purple colour walls (as seen on the Brunello label), adding a touch of theatre to the “precious juice’s” resting place.

The Giodo estate is still evolving: further adjacent land was recently acquired allowing additional new vine plantings and decorative newly landscaped gardens, which will frame the entrance drive to the reception area... all under the perfectionist eye of its creator the celebrated: Carlo Ferrini.

Tasting Notes

Giodo Brunello di Montalcino 2017

Bright ruby red in colour, with pale pink undertones. Aromatics of heady florals. Red cherry, stewed plum, red currant. Rounded but with a solid core. Tannins are ultra fine, balanced with micron perfect acidity.

Freshness that gives grace and suppleness. Slight dusty character.

The Master has pulled off a master stroke.

Elegance of a Chanel model.

Points 97 TW

Alberelli di Giodo DOC 2018

Pale ruby red in colour with iridescent undertones. Aromatics of warm red cherry, red currant and pomegranate. Dried herbs, hints of spice, mesmerising mineral quality,

Stunning textural richness, piercing energy yet showing finesse. Savoury with a long finish that leaves the palate feeling refreshed.

Points 95 TW

Video: “High Five with Tony Wood" & Carlo Ferrini, Podere Giodo

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