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Podere Giodo

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

What do the wineries of Barone Ricasoli, Brancaia, Castello di Fonterutoli, Fattoria Le Corti, Sapaio, Poliziano, Fattoria di Petrolo, Talenti, Giodo, Castello di Romotorio, Casanova di Neri and many more, all have in common?

The answer is: They all have the assistance and expertise of Italy’s eminent enologist, Carlo Ferrini. A man whose reputation sits comfortably alongside Giacomo Tachis, Giulio Gambelli, and Riccardo Cotarella.

It was my great pleasure to visit Podere Giodo, the Montalcino winery belonging to Carlo Ferrini and his daughter Bianca.

The Giodo estate is named after Carlo’s parents GIOvanna and DOnatello.

On this fine autumn morning I almost find it impossible to concentrate on this vineyard and its utterly amazing beauty, in favour of discussing the phenomenal career of its owner…which I hope to investigate on another occasion, should I be so blessed.